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My Study Material


Devotional Reading:

Reading Psalms along with Calvin’s commentary on the book Psalms (Commentary on the Psalms (Abridged); John Calvin

Reading Romans along with Calvin’s commentary on Romans (Commentary on Romans; John Calvin

  • Other short devotionals:

Coffee with Calvin, Donald K. McKim

Conversations with Calvin, Donald K. McKim

Everyday Prayer with Calvin, Donald K. McKim

Main Course of Study

Calvin’s Institutes; John Calvin

Knowing God and Ourselves: Reading Calvin’s Institutes Devotionally; David Calhoun (using this book as my guide; along with his lectures; see below)

Calvin; Bruce Gordon (this is a biography of Calvin)

The Gospel as Taught by Calvin, R.C. Reed

Also referencing the following books:

Piety’s Wisdom: A Study of Calvin’s Institutes with Study Questions; by J. Mark Beach

A Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes Essays and Analysis; edited by David Hill and Peter Lillback

A Reader’s Guide to Calvin’s Institutes; Anthony N.S. Lane

Media Courses:

TGC (Gospel Coalition) Course: Calvin’s Institutes; David Calhoun (26 lectures. Except for the Intro lectures, they are over an hour in length with lecture reading notes)

History and Theology of John Calvin (Logos Mobile Education Course); R. Michael Allen (35 short video lectures with lecture reading notes)