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Abraham Kuyper Quote

Religion on earth finds its highest expression in the act of prayer, but Calvinism in the Christian church is simply that tendency which makes a person assume the same attitude toward God in his profession and life which he exhibits in prayer. There is no Christian, be he Lutheran or Baptist, Methodist or Greek, whose prayer is not thoroughly Calvinistic. No child of God, to whatever church organization he may belong, but in his prayer he gives glory to God above and renders thanks to his Father in heaven for all that grace is working in him and acknowledges that the eternal love of God alone has, in the face of his resistance, drawn him out of darkness into light. On his knees before God everyone that has been saved will recognize the sole efficiency of the Holy Spirit in every good work performed and will acknowledge that, without the atoning grace of Him who is rich in mercies, he would not exist for a moment but would sink away in guilt and sin. In a word, whoever truly prays ascribes nothing to his own will or power except the sin that condemns him before God and knows of nothing that could endure the judgment of God except it be wrought in him by divine love. While all other tendencies in the church preserve this attitude as long as the prayer lasts will lose themselves in radically different perceptions as soon as the amen has been pronounced, the Calvinist adheres to the truth in his prayer, in his confession, in his theology, in his life. The amen that has closed his petition reechoes the depth of his consciousness and throughout the whole of his existence.